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Digital animals created since 2010 by Daniella Mesquita.


Move your Tamiguchos between cards, tamiblocks or action figures. Call'em through QR or NFC.

QR Code is a registered trademark of DENSO WAVE INCORPORATED. The NFC Forum has developed the N-Mark trademark as a universal symbol for NFC, so that consumers can easily identify NFC-enabled products as well as the locations where NFC services are available.

Both cards, blocks and figures are physical collectibles paired with their digital collectible (NFTs) counterparts.

The tamiguchos contained in these "devices" (cards, blocks, figures) are also NFTs, but unlike their storage devices, the tamiguchos are digital pets and can reproduce/breed.

Please don't confuse NFC and NFT.

2017 concept (physical prototype with NFC)

2018 concept (draft)

2022 concept (draft)

From /CnQb9xuONDR.

An alpha/beta Tamigucho card and a Pokemon card, side-by-side.

@Tamigucho Card (TCG) do Petalrock, usando tag NFC da @projectcompany.official e base da @officialbicyclecards 👉👈 Além de lançar um Tamigucho lendo via NFC, ao jogar vc tb vai poder usar QR code Tamiguchos podem ser armazenados em qlqr TamiStorage, o que inclui cards
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From /Cuxei9GPxPu.

2023 concept

Alpha Tamigucho TCG cards design, featuring NFC connection.

In Tamigucho's TCG, loading/linking to existing Tamiguchos will be optional. Online playability won't affect offline playing.

QR cards will be a cheaper option to NFC cards.

Please note Tamigucho's competitive (both TCG and VG) is still at a draft stage, subject to breaking changes.

Treearth (at our profile pic), Dewhale and Petalrock's artworks by @dultrart. Card design and creatures by @idanimesq.

Creation and drawing of these cards by Daniella Mesquita.

Creations by Daniella Mesquita. Drawings by Adriano Dultra.

Anime background not original; re-used.

TamiStorages are coming

Stay tuned, here:

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