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Digital animals created since 2010 by Daniella Mesquita.

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Since 2010, me, Daniella Mesquita, hasn't stopped even a single year creating these mons. I was able to see new mons even in the form of a cloud or a water dropplet that could inspire me to create something new. They were originally intended to be Pokémons, but who know if they won't someday? All I can do now is to open the multiverse to free the mon-catching universe off Nintendo's walled garden. My original dream was that The Pokémon Company could listen to its fans, but I wasn't so wrong as DeFi's community-ownership is here to stay and: if the community can't be heard, they build that themselves. That's what the Tamigucho Universe should be about.

If you think "Pokémon is a legalized roosterfight", please read my thread at Twitter (I'll never call it "X").

First, lets be clear: I love Pokemon.

As fans, we should protect Pokemon and wish for its evolution.

I love Pokemon, not The Pokemon Company/GameFreak/Nintendo. They're different things.

Pokemon is so big to us, fans, to be confined in a single company that don't honor the interests of its investors/fans. We don't have a voice; we turned into "zombies" in the listen-only mode. We say something like: "we need the Portuguese language available" and they don't listen us but when they say: "NEW game; buy it" we listen and do as they want.

My vision for the ex-"Phonemon", Tamigucho:

  1. Open up the walled garden of Pokémon/Digimon
  2. Bring more diverse creatures than the Axies in Axie Infinity
  3. Don't follow Ethermon in being a purposeless "I'm a blockchain me-too of Pokemon, but it have NFTs buy it!"
  4. Build and reveal/open-up a meta/multiverse of powerful digital animals, bridging the gap of similarities between Pokemon, Digimon, Ethermon, Axie Infinity, etc.
  5. Prove the "digital animals who need care, breed & battle" is a so mainstream thing that it shouldn't be monopolized by a single company that never listens to its fans (with a long track of legally suing them) and even laughed about their expectations
  6. Implement mons and games from universes like that of digui.dex and call the attention of gaming companies like The Pokémon Company to be open for a multiverse crossover (for example, a Tamigucho game with the Brasar region and its success, resulting in Pokémon's own game of the Brasar region with their own modifications/requirements based in their own universe)
  7. Enable mons of different universes to meet one another and travel to one another's universe

Tamigucho have two possible destinations:

  1. That of Digimon/Ethermon (projects that aren't respected and are seen as the "me-too"'s surfing the success of Pokemon)
  2. That of Axie Infinity/Yo-Kai Watch

Lets be honest: Pokemon didn't only proved to come first but, also, is by far superior than Digimon. Nintendo/The Pokemon Company have a cold heart, but Digimon is Pokemon without a heart (or with a very dark one).

In the 90's/2000's, Pokemon had a competitor: Digimon. Their anime's audiencie did even surpassed that of Pokemon, for a time.

But since Digimon's decline, Pokemon never anymore had a same-niche competitor (Yo-Kai Watch is a serious competitor who led Pokemon to do some controverse copypastes and reset Ash Ketchum & others from the BW/XY to the Sun/Moon series, but isn't same-niche as Digimon was).

As in the 5th item in our vision: the "digital animals who need care, breed & battle" thing shouldn't be monopolized by a single company. The creativity and applications of this concept shouldn't be confined/limited to a walled garden, defined by the company instead of the fans; where the board's interests are of the board itself, not of the investors.

Kids: why being happy when you can be happier? Yo-Kai Watch proved my vision that the Pokemon's concept shouldn't be confined to a single bubble; and outside this bubble, Japanese children felt happier by having more options with more use-cases for Pokemon's concept flourishing outside it.

But Yo-Kais aren't as cute as Pokemons are!

That's why we need diversity but, also, consistensy in the monverse.

The hardest way/destination:

If Tamigucho does as Yo-Kai Watch/Axie Infinity and goes beyond Digimon: me, Daniella Mesquita, I'm pretty sure of a thing: GameFreak/The Pokemon Company/Nintendo will sue us.

Principally Nintendo, to which GameFreak/The Pokemon Company begs.

They will sue us like they did to their fans (they don't listen when the fans suggest, and sue when their fans do what they aren't anymore capable of) - will sue us in the maximum extend of the law until they mold us back small enough to be able to laugh and ignore us again (as deservedly was done to Digimon - except for the court which didn't happened).

Mahatma Gandhi once said:

First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.

Tamigucho's version is:

First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you aren't anymore another loser and join them as another winner.

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